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(BPT) – Whether hosting family and friends for your first or fifteenth time, you want your home to be ready to impress. Here are five simple ways to make sure your home is refreshed and ready for any entertaining occasion.

1. Refresh kitchen counters

Since people mingle the most in the kitchen, don’t leave old, dirty caulk to be the focal point behind your delicious spread! Spruce up your countertop and backsplash by removing and replacing the old caulk. Consider using a caulk that’s formulated specifically to ward off dirt and mold.

2. Repair imperfections and paint on walls

Scuffs and scratches will inevitably appear on walls over time. A fresh coat of paint in key areas, like the living room, bathroom, and guest bedroom, will help the entire home feel clean and fresh. First, be sure to prep walls by filling holes and cracks with spackling compounds for a smooth finished surface. DAP DryDex Spackling takes the guesswork out of drying time with an indicator that goes on pink and dries white, so you know when it’s ready to sand and paint.

3. Clean and prep the floors

If you have the time, schedule a carpet cleaning before your guests are expected to arrive. And, consider applying a fast-drying polish to hardwood floors for a squeaky-clean finish. It’s also a good idea to keep a multi-surface vacuum in an easy-to-access location for quick spot cleans and pick-ups.

4. Salvage broken décor

Don’t fret when you notice a décor item has cracked or broken. Instead, grab a strong, fast-setting glue to make simple, long-lasting repairs before guests arrive. DAP RapidFuse All Purpose Adhesive sets in 30 seconds and is two times more durable than other super glues — there’s even a plastic primer available that will help with hard-to-fix plastic décor.

5. Update decorative accessories

Small updates like adding plants, rugs, and throws to your space are low-cost but high-impact. Lighting is another quick change that can help warm a room. Consider swapping out the shades on your lamps or installing updated light fixtures for an entirely new look, but for a fraction of the cost.

With these easy tips, your home will feel fresh and welcoming year-round.

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