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Home Inspectors Lubbock TX | Water TestWater is one of the main elements of the Earth and is the source of life and survival. To ensure that we’re on the safe line with our water systems at home, Bentley Home Inspections offers Water Testing in Lubbock TX. Schedule your home inspectors Lubbock TX today!

What Is Water Testing and How Is It Relevant?

Regularly testing your water’s quality is an important part of maintaining a reliable and safe water source. Water Testing must be routinely performed, whether for business, agriculture, or domestic purposes, to keep the water source safe and free from contaminants that could potentially cause health disorders. 

Do I Need to Have My Water Tested?

Regular Water Testing is important, especially that it concerns you and your family’s health. Health issues aside, signs of water quality problems include taste, color, odor, staining of clothes or fixtures. The proximity of your water well to septic systems and your home’s plumbing materials is also worthy of attention. 

There are two water supplies:

1. Public Water Systems.

Public water systems are monitored, tested, and reported to the federal, state, or tribal water agencies. Customers receive an annual report containing information on contaminants found, possible health issues, and the water source itself. 

2. Private Water Source.

If you get water from a household well or any private supply, you ensure safe consumption. Routine testing is important and highly recommended since it establishes a record of water quality. The record also helps solve any future problems, including obtaining compensation when someone damages your water supply. 

Regardless of your water source, here are two situations that may require you to have a Water Testing in Lubbock TX performed;

  • If you suspect the presence of lead in your plumbing materials and water service lines
  • If you are considering a home water treatment unit

The majority of households worldwide rely on private water supplies, including ponds, dugouts, and wells. Water quality is crucial to the health, social, and economic well-being of people. Regular monitoring is important to maintain a reliable and safe water supply, thus eliminating potential health risks of water contamination. 

Our Water Testing in Lubbock TX offers invaluable knowledge and addresses the problem concerning the water quality of your home, property, or business. Again, no matter your purpose, Water Testing is a necessity. We all are entitled to safe and clean water. Schedule Your Home Inspection Lubbock TX Water Testing Today!

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